Since 2020, Love of Earth Co. has helped guide people into a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Inspired by healing the planet, we help those looking to live a lesser waste lifestyle by sending out monthly subscription boxes filled with 100% zero waste products.

Love of Earth Co. prides itself on being the very first ever 100% zero waste subscription box service! We make sure to resource all of our products from Certified Zero Waste businesses both big & small. You can always count on us to bring you true, authentic zero waste products that are built to last & have less of a harmful impact on the planet.

Love of Earth Co. makes it fun & easy to go zero waste. To keep all of our Earthlings excited about their zero waste journey we send out monthly themed subscription boxes filled with full sized, 100% zero waste products. The boxes are themed based off of the month they are arriving in. So every box that arrives has a delightful seasonal surprise that will leave you feeling like itโ€™s Christmas morning, every month!

Going zero waste is less of a hassle when youโ€™ve got Love of Earth Co. in your pocket! We are excited to have you on this journey working towards a happier, healthier planet! Letโ€™s do this, Earthlings!

-Love of Earth Co. Team